Daylight Onions

These big beautiful onions were grown by Gareth at

Gareth used the Maxibright Daylight 315W ballast, a Daylight Single Reflector and a Philips Daylight 315W CDM/CMH lamp. Temperature inside the grow room was controlled using a Vents 125 TT Mix-flow fan with temperature sensor and speed control.

Gareth used Ecothrive Charge (A balanced soil enhancer consisting of long-lasting primary nutrients), Ecothrive Biosys (Instant Microbe Tea) and a custom liquid nutrient. The chosen growing media was Ecothrive Coco Lite mix (70% Coco, 30% Perlite with the charge pre-mixed).

Gareth grew these stunning onions using a custom low-pressure drip system and Rhizo pots. Rhizo pots allow the plant roots to penetrate the breathable outer walls of the pot; this helps plant growth by eliminating root circling, air pruning the roots and allows excellent nutrient and water uptake.

Seeds were sown in November and the plants were planted into their final pots inside the grow tent in March. The final weights of these whopping onions were just under 12lbs!!!

Maxibright would like to thank Gareth Hopcroft at for allowing us to show his case study.

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